Dr. Carla Bulla: From Lady Eagle Ace to Healing Leader
Dr. Carla Bulla, PT, DPT, isn’t just a physical therapist – she’s a force of nature. Hailing from Brazil, Carla crossed the Ocean with a volleyball in hand and a burning desire to excel. This passion landed her on the court as co-captain of the University of Southern Mississippi’s Lady Eagles while she earned her bachelor’s degree in Human Performance with an emphasis on Athletic Training. But her ambitions soared beyond the net.
Driven to empower individuals both on and off the court, Dr. Bulla pursued a Master’s in Education at the University of Houston, honing her skills and solidifying her calling. This path ultimately led her to the doors of the University of Saint Augustine (USA), where she earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2007.
Dr. Bulla’s desire to extend her impact beyond the athletic arena led her to diverse professional settings. From Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute to a decade of dedicated home health care, she honed her skills and nurtured her empathy, learning to cater to a wide range of patients and needs. In 2019, Bulla’s vision took shape in the form of Pro Vita Physical Therapy, a network of physical therapy clinics built on the bedrock of commitment, compassion, and integrity.
Today, Pro Vita boasts five thriving locations across Northwest Florida and beyond, serving communities in Crestview, Shalimar, Navarre, Milton, FL, and even Florala, AL. These clinics stand as testaments to Dr. Bulla’s unwavering commitment to making accessible, personalized care a reality for all.
Dr. Carla Bulla’s story is one of passion, purpose, and the transformative power of healing. As Pro Vita continues to spread its wings across the region, one thing remains constant: Dr. Bulla’s unwavering commitment to her patients, her community, and the legacy of excellence she embodies.